Affiliated Programs

The EDA University Center is a collaborative between the Community Service Center, the Center for Sustainable Business Practices, and the Sustainable Cities Initiative with faculty interdisciplinary.

Community Service Center

The Community Service Center (CSC) of Oregon is an interdisciplinary organization that assists Oregon communities by providing planning and technical assistance to help solve local issues and improve the quality of life for Oregon residents. The role of the CSC is to link the skills, expertise and innovation of higher education with the economic development and environmental needs of communities and regions in the State of Oregon, thereby providing service to Oregon and learning opportunities to the students involved.

Center for Sustainable Business Practices

The Center for Sustainable Business Practices builds leaders who know how to balance social, environmental and financial responsibilities. Sustainability at the University of Oregon is not a new concept – it is in our DNA and part of our heritage. We’ve been teaching and practicing it for almost two decades. For us sustainability is not about protection and remediation, but about innovation and a new paradigm of value creation. It matters to customers, financial markets, employees and stakeholders. Future business leaders need to excel at building a competitive advantage while reconciling these diverse, and often contradictory, demands.

Laura Strohm, Managing Director
Phone: 541-346-8846

Sustainable Cities Initiative

The Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) is a cross-disciplinary organization within the College of Design at the University of Oregon that seeks to promote research, education, service, and public outreach related to the development of sustainable cities. SCI synthesizes existing faculty research work under a single theme, serves as a catalyst for expanded research and teaching endeavors, markets this expertise to scholars, funders, potential clients, and project partners, and works to synthesize and sponsor academic courses and certificates.

Nico Larco, Co-Director
: 541-346-1421